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EMS/Ambulance Billing

Whether your service is a small start-up or a thriving enterprise, our experienced staff is ready to work for you. Health Claims Plus will work hard to maximize your patient and insurance payments and increase your bottom line. Health Claims Plus actively provides EMS/Fire Billing for 911, Emergency Service Districts, County Services, Municipalities, Volunteer, Fire Department, Hospital Based and Privately Owned Companies. Come experience large business reimbursement with small business customer service.

Fire Department Billing

“Cost-Recovery” Programs allow the fire department to recoup funds used on an incident and in turn allows more funds to be used for training or new equipment. Our Highly trained staff offers exceptional “Cost-Recovery” capabilities to fire departments of all sizes.

Air Services Billing

Health Claims Plus doesn’t just bill for ground and fire services. We process claims for Air Services as well. Call today to find out how we can help your air service whether Fixed or Rotary Wing.


How we do business:

No overseas outsourcing

(CAC™) Certified Ambulance Coders™

e-Instruction (video & on-site available)

Certified Customer Service Professionals

Compliance Support & Solutions

Weekly & Monthly Productivity & Accountability Reports

Able to work with all ePCR formats or paper Run Reports

PCR Audit Services

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